The power of why?
April 5, 2008, 6:04 am
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The power of why?

In life many people matter will [do/conduct] any kind of. According to
others [is] to weight, illogical and bizzare. But we will find from
inventor, environmental lovers and the big man.

Life [is] to chosen. sorrowful or Happy. ill or Healthy. Law because
effect will always go into effect. Sure result from action. Action from
mind. Mind from taken confidence because prefer to. to
chosening  to do that
Why people will [do/conduct] that
we often surprise. But when seeing result of from their action hence us
will know that choice lead into each target

There [is] chosening to become happy people forever, whereas and
other chosen [do] not conduct action something.

Why ?
Life is free. Please look for any kind of [in] this world. clear
but in fact we look for happy feeling at heart we are. What felt
according to our delicious liver hence automatically we take. And
something that taken a fancy to surely differ one with is other. Depended
[of] life experience and taken confidence  Happy only us which [is]
soybean cake. We can its its[his]. Any kind of which have
been [done/conducted] surely yield certain feeling. But the question is we
will be downright or [do] not [at] others and x’self

Yach, we and others [is] determining each other. [There] no success which
[by] xself
an. But chosening confidence to think certain started from x’self.
Later;Then others will select by our way of thinking. What we will
joint forces with people who always specify the target of [at]
bliss, good things and benefit. Or on the contrary, community
selected [by] [is] which [do] not have clear target, destroy bliss
others and weaken x’self joining [at] unconvinced community [of] x’self

(It) is true heaviest challenge [is] fight against doubt and feel slack
so that from life experience often early from trying.Try
taking certain confidence which assumed light first and finally
yielding as taken.Believing of bear fruit [at] way of thinking
certain [is] later;then continued by its it[him] even also will be able
to be felt.

who chosen bigger target surely its result even also bigger of course
who chosen smaller target surely its smaller result too
who chosen no actionly [of] something hence nor will get
nothing. All of this according to that choice in life.

Question ” why in for so?” ought to in advance than
” how to [doing/conducting] [him/ it]?”. because if us have found
the answer
from ” why?” hence in its [of]¬† surely will more stronger.Because he
have found whats he need. And he have been selected seriously by
x’self is not the others.

Why? Because we wish seriously happened !

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